America’s Game

Football is the most watched sport in America and its championship game, the Super Bowl is the most televised event in the country. Super Bowl 49 (XLIX) was the country’s most watched single television broadcast, with 114.4 million viewers. During the Super Bowl, the halftime show the halftime show featuring Katy Perry drove in 118.5 million views.

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Football was originally a college game and had no professional league until 1892. The first two professional leagues were the American Football League (AFL) and the National Football League (NFL). Each of the leagues remained separate until 1966. In 1967, the AFL champion Kansas City Chiefs played the NFL champion Green Bay Packers in the first ever AFL-NFL championship game. This name would be changed to the Super Bowl in 1970. The Packers won the game 35-10. To have a balance of teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and Baltimore Colts switched from the NFL to the AFL.

Each decade, there were teams that dominated. These teams were called dynasty teams. In the 1960s, the dynasty teams were the Green Bay Packers. They won the first two Super Bowls. The 1970s dynasty team was the Pittsburgh Steelers. They won four Super Bowls that decade. The 1980s dynasty team was the San Francisco 49ers. They won four Super Bowls that decade as well. The 1990s dynasty team was the Dallas Cowboys. They won three Super Bowls in four years. The 2000s dynasty team was the New England Patriots and they won three Super Bowls in four years as well. When you win the Super Bowl, you win the Vince Lombardi trophy. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowls (6).

The NFL has grown since its birth in 1892. If I were to write all about the NFL’s components, it would take me a book, but I will keep it simple. The Super Bowl has a lot of hype building up to it and it happens so quickly. It is the biggest sporting event in the country. That is what makes it so interesting to learn about the Super Bowl’s infantry. I ranked a list of the my favorite Super Bowls of all time:

10 Super Bowl 25 Buffalo Bills 19 New York Giants 20

9 Super Bowl 47 Baltimore Ravens 34 San Francisco 49ers 31

8 Super Bowl 5 Baltimore Colts 16 Dallas Cowboys 13

7 Super Bowl 38 Carolina Panthers 29 New England Patriots 32

6 Super Bowl 23 Cincinnati Bengals 16 San Francisco 49ers 20

5 Super Bowl 49 New England Patriots 28 Seattle Seahawks 24

4 Super Bowl 36 St. Louis Rams 17 New England Patriots 20

3 Super Bowl 34 St. Louis Rams 23 Tennessee Titans 16

2 Super Bowl 43 Pittsburgh Steelers 27 Arizona Cardinals 23

1 Super Bowl 42 New York Giants 17 New England Patriots 14

Here is a video about previous Super Bowls:

Rodgers to Cobb Elvis Kennedy via Compfight

The Super Bowl is so fun to watch and football is such a fun game to learn about. A lot of people, like me, are really obsessed in learning about football. Football is the most watched game in America and America’s game will thrive on for years to come.

Let’s end with a quiz!

1. Who won the first AFL-NFL Championship game?

Answer: The Green Bay Packers

2. What was the dynasty team of the 1970s?

Answer: The Pittsburgh Steelers

3. How many people watched the Super Bowl 49 halftime show?

Answer: 118.5 million

4. When was the name changed from the AFL-NFL Championship game to the Super Bowl?

Answer: 1970

5. As a result of the AFL and NFL merging, what 3 teams changed leagues?

Answer: The Pittsburgh Steelers, the Cleveland Browns, and the Baltimore Colts






Yesterday was National Limerick day. A limerick is a five line poem with an AABBA pattern. This means that the first, second, and fifth lines rhyme, and the third and fourth lines rhyme. There are also rules for syllables. The first, second, and fifth lines each have the same number of syllables, typically eight to nine. the third and fourth lines have typically five to six syllables each. Here is an example of a limerick:

There once was a young lad named Pat

Who always was wearing his hat

His hat blew away

In the Chesapeake Bay

And now I don’t know where he’s at


There was a young lady named Bright

who traveled much faster than light.

She set out one day

in a relative way,

and came back the previous night.



One Little Word

My little word for 2015 is empathy. I chose empathy because I think that I should always think of others first . By choosing this word, I can remind myself that I always have to think about others first and get the opportunity to think, How can I do an act of selflessness? Empathy reminds me to be a selfless person everyday, everywhere, and I should always commit an act of selflessness.


All About Me

Hello, I am Aidan. I like to watch sports and I love learning. My favorite subject is science even though I enjoy writing as a hobby. I have no pets because I am allergic to all animals with fur. Sadly, that includes house pets. I like to play the violin and the piano and the Play station 4 in my free time. On Sundays, I like to watch football, but occasionally my parents will make me go to my room and study.